Who forever lives with us through the freshness of school Greenery, the fragrance of flowers, the
splendour of its ambience and above all the vibrancy of its students.

LATE SHRI GURJEET SINGH SEHGAL had always aspired for a “Dream School”- a school, which should be a place for intellectual, emotional, spiritual and materialistic development and growth not only for students but also for every member related to the school. He always thought of a school as a useful unit of society so as to transform society’s present scenario. According to him, school must act as a light house to society providing directions, guidance, leadership and also concern itself with the affairs of the age. He transformed his dream into reality by adding highly ambitious members to his team who are ready in doing research, experiments and promote best of the educational practices. The vision was to focus on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents and the magic lying dormant inside all the students.