“All children learn from living in an ordered community, where courtesy and respect are simply the way people behave.”

Jesus’ Sacred Heart School is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). The medium of instruction is English. The school follows CCE(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) for IX-X as prescribed by the Board. CBSE board administers public examination for class XII.

  • Pre-primary children are exposed to “Theme based Teaching” so that they can connect already gained knowledge from the surrounding to their academic knowledge.
  • Primary section children have an innovative approach to learning through “XSEED SYSTEM” which is “Activity Based Teaching.” Children are encouraged to think independently and differently.
  • Middle section children are taught to connect Real Life solutions to the knowledge gained by books and testify the facts themselves. Hence Teaching methodology is “Enquiry Based + Project Based ” which is carried on very systematically through special “Elevate Workbooks” connected with NCERT Books.
  • Secondary and senior secondary section follow CBSE syllabus through “Technological Innovations and practice at hand.”