“It is your attitude at the beginning of the task that determines success or failure”

It is rightly said that good quality education encourages the exploration of alternative thinking, multiple answers and creative insights. The students of grade 2nd and 3rd   geared up to exhibit their talent in oratory skills by plunging into the world of social media and declared that they have learnt to use Social media to impact people, not to impress people. Class presentation was held on 27th & 28th of July for grade 3rd and 2nd respectively with full enthusiasm. Students made the parents spellbound by making them aware about various social sites like facebook, twitter, orkut, instagram etc. and the pros and cons attached to it.  Students spoke intrepid in front of audience explaining the uses of social media. Internet facility has proved its worth by offering several features in a hassle free and quick manner. The students also highlighted the dark side of social media by telling that it has turned new generation lazy by killing their creativity, dampening their quest for knowledge and diverting their minds by giving them free and unlimited access to violence, pornography and also slowly killing the reading habits of the youth. The presentation was concluded with a message that we should not connect ourselves with social media like neurons in a giant brain. The parents were in praise for the exuberant performance by the students in such a tender age. Their smiles and beaming faces made the atmosphere cheerful.