The future belongs to the few that are still willing to get their hands dirty.

On the occasion of International Labour Day, Jesus’ Sacred Heart  school campus wore a festive look with gleeful faces all set to celebrate the unsung pillars of the school on 1st May 2017.

A special assembly inaugurated the day wherein students recited poems highlighting the importance of support staff for the smooth functioning of the school. Students of Gandhi House presented a street play depicting how the absence of a maid could spoil the morning and cause the whole routine to go topsy-turvy unnerving the family members totally and the absence of them in an institution is almost unthinkable.

The fun based games were also played by female staff like blind fold ‘matki race’, three legged race and tyre race by male staff and students could be seen cheering up their personal favourites. A friendly football match among drivers and conductors energized the whole environment. Honorable Director of the school, Pawandeep Singh Sehgal handed over the gifts of gratitude to class IV employees of the school. He highlighted the need, importance and significance of the role of these workers in our life. He also emphasized upon the value of dignity of labour which helps a person to become more humane and responsible towards his fellow beings. Principal Ms. Kirti Sharma also thanked the employees acknowledging their contributions admitting their irreplaceable inputs for the welfare of the school and motivated students to respect all such people without whose help, life would not be that easy.

The school management organized a sumptuous lunch which was a humble gesture of appreciation that goes a long way to make their spirit high. The day ended with a smile on the faces of the support staff that always struggle through tears.