We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality,

but we create it to be able to stay in the real world

  Jesus’ Sacred Heart School always aspire to make their students global citizens. Keeping this in mind, the school recognized the efforts of LKG on 25th February, 2017 who aimed to perform on ‘My Fantasy World’ showcasing the imaginative world of a child who believed in creating it to be able to stay in the real world. They kept that little place, where the magic grows inside of them and geared up to believe that imagination is more important than knowledge. The programme started with ‘Vandana’ to invoke the blessings of almighty followed by presentation wherein they presented the beautiful imaginative world by becoming an escapist and forced the parents to enjoy the lovely moments.  Students excelled in their oratory skills and made their parents awestruck with their brilliant performance. Parents were brimming with love to see their little wonders exhibiting their imaginative world with amazing characters.  It was indeed a stupendous performance liked by everyone everyone present there.  The programme came to an end with resonance of National Anthem.